Healthy Hair Care Tips & Tricks :Repairing Your Dry Summer Curls This Fall


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Today I plan to reveal some of my healthy hair care tips and tricks to help you get your dry summer locks back on track to be your best fall accessory. As you may know if you read my last blog post about frizz and smoothing treatments, moisture and protein are your saving grace! If you have yet to read that I will link it here.

Sadly summer has come and gone, now is the time to show our hair some love and repair. Between the chemicals in our pools, heat of the sun, and salt in the ocean our hair is begging for some help and attention. This is not including the normal  and amazing professional color appointments with your stylist or hot tools when daily styling.

If your hair feels rough, brittle, dry, or tangled you are most likely needing more moisture in your hair care routine. Look into a deep conditioning treatment with your stylist and ask about a recommended hair masque or conditioner to help soften and hydrate. If your hair feels limp, stringy, sticky, tangled, or fades color quickly then protein reconstruction is needed. Either way neither is a one-time fix and need to be continued to experience the benefits. Below I have listed some go-to products to get your healthy hair on the right track.


Redken Extreme Anti- Snap Leave In Conditioner

The award winning, best selling Redken Extreme Anti- Snap Leave in Conditioner is an easy addition to your current hair care routine. Just apply to your towel dried hair and style as normal. One product to protect against five hair damages including heat, chemical and surface damage. More info.


Redken Blonde Idol Hair Mask

If moisture is what your hair is looking for the Redken Blonde Idol Hair Mask will be perfect for you. This lightweight gel formula will only increase shine, is great for all hair types and will not weigh down your volume. The rinse out mask sits on your hair for 5-10 minutes to target damaged hair with intense hydration. More info.

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Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Treatment: Questions and Answers



Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Keratin?

How can I prevent frizz and shorten my blow dry time?

What could this treatment do for me?

Keratin is the protein which is naturally found in the hair and acts as a protective shield to humidity (which is the primary cause of frizz). Overtime your hair will lose this protective shield in spots or holes from everyday exposure to the sun, chemical damage and/or heat damage from styling tools. The Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment then penetrates into the cuticle to strengthen the keratin bonds, smoothes the hair shaft and fills in those holes which we once had from missing that needed protein.

By replenishing lost keratin protein in your hair, the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy treatments help repair damage and lock out humidity to reduce unwanted frizz. Your hair develops an overall smoother, shiner appearance and rebuilds strength once again. Another benefit is a reduced drying and styling, a normal blow dry time will easily be cut in half!

Do Keratin Complex treatments straighten the hair?

The Keratin Complex Smoothing treatments are not straightening treatments. These Smoothing Therapy treatments do reduce curl patterns in curly, waving or unruly hair providing a straightening effect but would not permanently change the structure of your hair.

Does my stylist need to be certified?

For this smoothing treatment brand, yes, all stylists using the product need to be trained and accredited. This ensures constantly beautiful results and the best quality to all salon clients. The Keratin Complex training is in-depth and hands-on, unlike some competitors who offer a quick online certification.

How long will my treatment last?

Treatment results will vary depending on which system you and your stylist choose, individual lifestyle, and at-home maintenance. The Natural Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment will last up to six months where the Express Blowout Treatment will last up to six weeks.

Is the Keratin Treatment safe to get if I am pregnant or nursing? Are there fumes?

As with any chemical service, pregnant or nursing women should ask the advice of their doctor before use. The patent- pending process of the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy allows stylists to work safely with NO odor or fumes released.


Price depends on your stylist, location, system chosen, length, and density of your hair.

If you are in the Troy, Missouri/ Lincoln County area and looking for a treatment near you or have any questions regarding this system my contact information is below.


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