The Proposal {Story Time Blog}

Hello my gorgeous friends! Today I will be sharing my proposal story, a moment two years ago I will never forget. { Spoiler: I said, “YES!”}


September 2014

On this particular day, Jake spent his time helping my family with their organization’s event. After working extra at the salon I was able to show up at the tail end while things were getting packed up and counted.  As I was walking in to the building the family and friends I knew were going out of their way to come up to me and gave me more attention than any other normal day. ( I knew something was different. )

Everyone in the room was asked to be seated as my stepmom spoke about the event and was ready to reveal how much money they had raised from donations. (Side note: After all of the attention I had received in the doorway, no one wanted to sit by me.) My stepmom continues to say how she insists on handing out gifts to the member’s children because we “don’t get enough recognition”. I am gifted with this little box as everyone around me starts pulling out their cameras. Very nervous, I start unboxing… inside is a handwritten note that I was prompted to read aloud:  “Look behind you for your admirer.”

As I turn around, (tears rolling down my face) …Jake is on one knee, holding my gorgeous ring in the box. He smiled up at me and asked, “Will you marry me?”



Later I found out just how romantic my man is, inside of each box given out were notes written expressing all of the reasons why he wanted to marry me.

After a long two year engagement I married the man of my dreams.

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{The Secret to Marriage}

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The Secret to Marriage {Advice: From Couples Married for Decades}


Hello my gorgeous friends! Yes, I still have marriage on the brain! I have been married to the love of my life for three months… amazing, life changing, adventure-taking months. When planning your big day it’s so much stress that comes down to the best twenty-four hours of your life, the day you look and feel most beautiful. Then, once the stress and organization (or disorganization) of planning is done and the big day is over, what happens?

This won’t be a blog explaining how to send your dress in to be cleaned or reminding you to review your vendors. I love to ask couples who have been married 20, 30, 40 plus years what is their “secret to marriage”. You bet I have received some amazing answers! Today I will be sharing just a small portion of advice I have received over years of asking and investigating. Sustained marriage is a rare thing to see, while divorce rates are  at an all time high.

So, what is the secret? What happens after the wedding is over?


“Travel.. Why would you spend your whole life just chasing after money… spend it and make memories.”

“Always date and flirt with your spouse. Grab their butt. Cook. Dance. Enjoy life together.”

“If your husband didn’t clean before, he won’t now that you are married. No magic button here.”

“People are wrong, marriage isn’t 50/50. Each person needs to aim to give 110%.”

“Have the conversation, who will be doing what chores, who will pay the bills, etc. This may sound silly but these are real questions to ask.”

“Do not bring up the “D” word… ever. No matter how upset you are, divorce is not an answer.”

“No silent treatment, no sleeping in separate rooms. If you need time to cool off, then cool off but separation may only cause more of a wedge it won’t solve any issues.”

This is my most favorite advice to live by as much as possible:

“Once you are married, you are a TEAM you are a unit. You make money for your team, you dream with your team, then you grow and succeed as a team.”

I will not be a statistic, I don’t want my children to have worry about who will have them on what holidays or weekends. I believe fully in my vows, no matter what rough patch we will ever face. Please take some of this advice and use it to the best of your ability. If you would like more blogs like this, be sure to let me know. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website. I’m sending you all of my love and all of my positive energy.



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