Newest Life Venture {Number Two}

All Things scentsy by amy wentz

Hello my gorgeous friends! Yes, you guessed it. I made the plunge… the Scentsy Plunge.

My life is full of new adventures! Back in September I created my blogging website. In December I created my YouTube Channel and now here, March of 2017 I’m now a consultant for Scentsy. What is a day off!? haha I can’t complain I really do love it. Everyday I always feel I have something to do, something to look forward to.

I decided to sell Scentsy really just for the discount for myself. You ladies know I love my candles and I love my warmers… so why not get paid to buy more!! But I will say that once I made one Facebook status just mentioning that I started this new life venture my friends and family came out of the woodworks! Apparently everyone and their mother has a scent addiction just like I do. I have already MADE MY MONEY back that I spent to start the business. It’s amazing!

I hope you ladies have an amazing day and I look forward to talking to you again soon!

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December Favorites {Lashes, Candles, & More!}

december favorites

Hello my gorgeous friends and welcome back to my blog! I’m so excited to welcome in this new year! This year in 2017 I’ll be focusing a lot on my website, YouTube channel and salon career. Today I want to share with you some of the items I loved for December, {I know, so last year..}.


Kim Crawford Wines

Ardell False Lashes


Cross Body Handbag

MAC Lipstick

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If you have been subscribed to me for a few months, some of the products you may have seen before. In the video since I still loved my November favorites so much I added in some of those same products and the photos used from last months blog.

I hope you all had a very safe and Merry Christmas with you families! I want to thank you all again for all of the love and support. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already! I am sending you all of my love and all of my positive energy!



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Why I Started My Blog & YouTube Channel


Hello my gorgeous friends! I am so excited to inform you that I am loving making YouTube videos! I knew that writing blogs was such a fun and creative outlet but my goodness so is sitting in front of a camera and talking to yourself for a bit! So today we are going to be talking in detail  about why & how I started my blog and YouTube Channel!

Website options

As you may know, there are so many different website options you can choose from when you are looking to start a blog. Most for beginners are free and extremely helpful when it comes to designing and everyday posting. I started with using, free and had many amazing reviews. From learning lots via the internet I found out that there were different WordPress options that seemed a bit confusing at first.

There is a very basic, easy to use, and free option on and then within this program you could pay money to upgrade and get more features. {Which I did upgrade after a while but then found that I wasted my money because what I really wanted to do I needed a different website/program entirely…. I’ll explain in a moment.} My mind about exploded when all of this learning happened in just a few months. Long story short, stick to the free  until you are no longer a beginner.

Then there is which is a much more elite or advanced program where you need to find a hosting company who you pay to host thru. As well as pay for a domain name, and code the website yourself. {Side Note: Many tears happened!} By myself, with little help from the internet and countless hours on the phone with a support team member… my website was finally created.



With many laughs, tears and smiles under my belt I created something I felt so passionate about! To tell you the truth I don’t think I would take back any part of it. Blogging and posting videos on YouTube has made me happier than I could have imagined. I recommend you have the passion and drive before starting anything I explained above. I doubt I personally would have been able to accomplish what I did if this was barely a hobby.

Reaching out

I can’t give all of the credit to the patient men working for technical support, I also reached out to other amazing bloggers when I was creating! Of course they couldn’t {nor would I drag them into my mess} help me with the creating process. But I did ask them for tips on how to stay positive and how to get started. That was really what kept me going through some really low points.


My summery for you today is to follow your dreams, no matter how hard or how long it takes. Creating everything took months, money, and a lot of learning. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I do have to find time to write, record, edit and post but I do it because it brings me so much joy. I hope I was able to write about this subject just as well as I was able to when recording. Be sure to watch my video above for more details if you haven’t already!

I want to thank you all so much for visiting my website today. If you would like to be notified when a new blog is uploaded be sure to SUBSCRIBE and be sure to check out my YouTube Channel and SUBSCRIBE there as well!  I hope you have an amazing day, I’m sending you all of my love and all of my positive energy!



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What’s In My Purse {Michael Kors Tote}

I launched my youtube channel!


Hello my gorgeous friends! I am so sorry for being gone for a bit but as you can see from the video above I have started my YouTube Channel and have been quite busy.

The Michael Kors Tote featured in my video I have had and been obsessed with for about a year now. Even though the style of the bag may not be the “most up to date” I still love it just as much as I did the day I bought it! This was my first ever designer bag and matching wallet! {My first big investment.}

Michael Kors Tote

Michael Kors Wallet

Thank you all so much for being patient with me while I start this new project. I promise to be posting regularly on both my blog website and my YouTube Channel now that I have my system set in place. Not only will I be updating my blog website with my new videos {like this one above}, but you will also receive some of your own content as well!

If you like what you see and want to be notified when I post new blogs be sure to SUBSCRIBE above and now with my YouTube Channel be sure to SUBSCRIBE there as well to make sure you never miss any content! Thank you so much again for all the love and support. I am sending you all of my love and all of my positive energy!



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Our Cozy Christmas Corner {Home Décor}

Hello my gorgeous friends! I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving with your families and I hope to hear all about your Black Friday finds! Today I want to share with you a project my husband and I finished last night and are so proud of.

Welcome to our Cozy Christmas Corner!


Living in our new home we have much more living space, we have been blessed with a more open concept layout which I love! Nothing extra needed to be purchases this season to conquer this look but I will let you know where things have been purchased in the past. I will try to link you to the exact product or possibly something similar.


Not too much had to change in our dining room to make this look work for us. Normally here in this space we have our small white wood, four chaired, kitchen table and this antique chalkboard on the wall. Our kitchen table is still in this room just on a far corner.

Our tree topper is one that has been handed down to me and is one of my most loved pieces in my home. A handmade, beaded angel made by my great grandmother Ruby.


I incorporated some string lights to hang around our antique chalkboard that perfectly plug in right behind the bench. It was like a match made in heaven!

300 count Icicle Lights


This bench was a birthday gift from my mom two years ago. At our old house we used it as storage and a place to store shoes in our mudroom. She purchased from It is so nice to have a piece that can be used for many different placements.

Harper Blvd Corin White Storage Bench


Throw Pillows

I was having trouble finding a tree skirt this season that was reasonably priced and was not all glitter.  {We would have glitter paw prints everywhere.. no thank you}. This is left over burlap from our August wedding laid and ruffled underneath. Another option if you are having trouble finding a tree skirt, you can use a table cloth or any other piece of fabric.



Duke: {small hound} 3 years old, gives amazing cuddles, fastest dog in the house & mommy’s protector.

Copper: {Bloodhound} 2 years old. Loves: showers, naps & eating socks. 100% a daddy’s girl, she does no wrong in his eyes {no matter how many socks have holes}.


I want to thank you all so much for checking out my Christmas blog today! Be sure to subscribe to receive emails when a new blog is published or follow me on Instagram. I am sending you all of my love and all of my positive energy!



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