Five Favorite Beauty Products {December 2016}

Five Favorite Beauty Products

Hello my gorgeous friends! Can you believe it is almost Christmas!? I swear, December always feels like the quickest month to me. I want to hold onto all of the decor and the pine scent all year ’round.

As most of you know I recently started my YouTube Channel and above I have linked a recent video about my five most favorite beauty products for right now. {Forever changing.}

{Products Mentioned}
Make Up Forever Foundation:
Kat Von D Concealer:
Mark Jacob’s Eyeliner:
MAC Lip Liner:
MAC Bronzer:
Hour Glass Primer:
GLAM Glow:

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What’s In My Purse {Michael Kors Tote}

I launched my youtube channel!


Hello my gorgeous friends! I am so sorry for being gone for a bit but as you can see from the video above I have started my YouTube Channel and have been quite busy.

The Michael Kors Tote featured in my video I have had and been obsessed with for about a year now. Even though the style of the bag may not be the “most up to date” I still love it just as much as I did the day I bought it! This was my first ever designer bag and matching wallet! {My first big investment.}

Michael Kors Tote

Michael Kors Wallet

Thank you all so much for being patient with me while I start this new project. I promise to be posting regularly on both my blog website and my YouTube Channel now that I have my system set in place. Not only will I be updating my blog website with my new videos {like this one above}, but you will also receive some of your own content as well!

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Our Cozy Christmas Corner {Home Décor}

Hello my gorgeous friends! I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving with your families and I hope to hear all about your Black Friday finds! Today I want to share with you a project my husband and I finished last night and are so proud of.

Welcome to our Cozy Christmas Corner!


Living in our new home we have much more living space, we have been blessed with a more open concept layout which I love! Nothing extra needed to be purchases this season to conquer this look but I will let you know where things have been purchased in the past. I will try to link you to the exact product or possibly something similar.


Not too much had to change in our dining room to make this look work for us. Normally here in this space we have our small white wood, four chaired, kitchen table and this antique chalkboard on the wall. Our kitchen table is still in this room just on a far corner.

Our tree topper is one that has been handed down to me and is one of my most loved pieces in my home. A handmade, beaded angel made by my great grandmother Ruby.


I incorporated some string lights to hang around our antique chalkboard that perfectly plug in right behind the bench. It was like a match made in heaven!

300 count Icicle Lights


This bench was a birthday gift from my mom two years ago. At our old house we used it as storage and a place to store shoes in our mudroom. She purchased from It is so nice to have a piece that can be used for many different placements.

Harper Blvd Corin White Storage Bench


Throw Pillows

I was having trouble finding a tree skirt this season that was reasonably priced and was not all glitter.  {We would have glitter paw prints everywhere.. no thank you}. This is left over burlap from our August wedding laid and ruffled underneath. Another option if you are having trouble finding a tree skirt, you can use a table cloth or any other piece of fabric.



Duke: {small hound} 3 years old, gives amazing cuddles, fastest dog in the house & mommy’s protector.

Copper: {Bloodhound} 2 years old. Loves: showers, naps & eating socks. 100% a daddy’s girl, she does no wrong in his eyes {no matter how many socks have holes}.


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November Favorites {Décor, Accessories, & Beauty}

Hello my gorgeous friends and happy Thanksgiving! Today I want to share with you some of my November Favorites, Black Friday deals, and a discount code for you to use! With that being said, lets jump right into it!

So if you had read my blog a few weeks ago titled {Perfect Décor Gift Ideas} I had mentioned some savings that Pier 1 Imports was promoting that is still going on. I have received my packages and I am in love with my purchases!



Large White Carved Mango Wood Pillar

Small White Carved Mango Wood Pillar



Jeweled Hexagon Small White Lantern

If you have a purse addiction like myself you will be obsessed with my next favorite and you will LOVE the discounts!






Cross-Body Handbag {Available in Black, Camel, or Taupe}

The bag is made of high end faux leather while still having the soft leather feel. Perfect quality and includes four pockets: two inside, one on the back, and one in the zippers on the front flap. This is by far my favorite cross-body bag, and the price is unbeatable, jaw-dropping!

Complementary shipping in the US!

Black Friday Sales: 40% off everything

20% off Discount Code until November 30th: 20THANKS


Instagram: JustGetPampered

My last November Favorite has been my go-to matte lipstick. A big problem I had been having with other matte lipsticks was that they were so drying to my already dry lips. Winter hits my body hard and the last thing I want is something to work against me, I don’t have this problem at all with HoneyLove. I look forward to trying some other MAC colors!


HoneyLove by MAC

I want to thank you all so much for visiting my blog and for all of the support! If you would like to be notified when I post new blogs be sure to subscribe or follow my Instagram! I hope you all have a happy thanksgiving with your friends, family, and alcohol {or turkey…whichever you prefer}. I am sending you all of my love and all of my positive energy!



{Perfect Décor Gift Ideas & October Beauty Favorites}

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Guide to Growing Long Hair {Secrets Revealed}

Hello my gorgeous friends! I’m very excited to share with you today some secrets to growing long, healthy hair. {Which shouldn’t be secrets at all!} As a stylist I am constantly getting asked how to grow longer hair and how to grow it fast. Sit back, relax, and lets talk all about those luscious locks!


Eat Healthy & Drink Water

This may sound so basic but everything you put into your body affects your health and hair. Your hair needs certain nutrients to grow long and strong …mostly protein. {Sounds sexy, I agree.} We tend to think our protein needs to come from steak, chicken, and other meats- but it is also found in eggs and beans.  Plus, water cures everything!

Are you On Medications?

Certain medications, extreme diets and surgeries really affect your hair. If you have started a new medication and have noticed hair loss as a side effect be sure to mention this during a consultation with your doctor.

No tight buns or ponytails

Say yes to the scrunchie! Be kind to your locks and they will be kind to you. Do not pull tight or brush hard. Please, no sleeping with elastics in.

Minimize Stress

Breath. Relax.

See your stylist regularly

Trimming your hair really does matter. I explain to my clients to compare their hair to a piece of yarn. When you start to unravel the end {split ends} the yarn keeps splitting. If you cut off some of what you unraveled but not all of it, the split will continue to keep moving up the hair shaft. Be sure to see your stylist every 3 months, minimum.


Purchase a B Complex vitamin, these include 8 essential B vitamins that not only help your hair but also enhances your metabolism and energy.

Massage the scalp

Circulate the blood flow.

Deep Conditioners

Conditioning your hair is key! I have mentioned in a past blog all about repairing dry hair after summer is over. Be sure to let the conditioner set for awhile in the shower: shave your legs, exfoliate your face, pamper yourself. You will notice a huge difference in the health of your hair! {Side note: The past blog explains more, but, if your hair feels mushy when wet you need a protein treatment, not moisture!}

Take breaks away from the hot tools

Day to day I realize you need your blow dryer and flat iron to get ready for work or your hot date. But I suggest that on the weekends or over a holiday break you let your hair relax too. Enjoy a deep conditioning treatment in a hot shower, break out your scrunchies, grab some water and minimize that stress. You will have long, gorgeous hair in no time!

Recommended Drug Store Products:

Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo

It’s A 10 Miracle Hair Masque

Hair Scrunchies

Nature Made B Complex Vitamin

The Wet Brush

Thermal Protection Spray

 Save 5% on everything and receive free shipping with the Target REDcard.

{Apply for Debit or Credit Here}

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