Newest Life Venture {Number Two}

All Things scentsy by amy wentz

Hello my gorgeous friends! Yes, you guessed it. I made the plunge… the Scentsy Plunge.

My life is full of new adventures! Back in September I created my blogging website. In December I created my YouTube Channel and now here, March of 2017 I’m now a consultant for Scentsy. What is a day off!? haha I can’t complain I really do love it. Everyday I always feel I have something to do, something to look forward to.

I decided to sell Scentsy really just for the discount for myself. You ladies know I love my candles and I love my warmers… so why not get paid to buy more!! But I will say that once I made one Facebook status just mentioning that I started this new life venture my friends and family came out of the woodworks! Apparently everyone and their mother has a scent addiction just like I do. I have already MADE MY MONEY back that I spent to start the business. It’s amazing!

I hope you ladies have an amazing day and I look forward to talking to you again soon!

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